IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

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IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:23 am

Hello, and welcome to the Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath! This roleplay was originally created by Iskar, who has since departed from the forums.

The roleplay proceeded smoothly at first, but inactivity started to kick in and with Iskar's departure the players involved were left without a Game Master, despite his efforts to create a dynamic hosting system. The roleplay soon faded into obscurity.

Ser Varys offered to help with the roleplay, he has access to random events that will happen throughout. I, Sir Nickolas, mainly work as a volunteer to keep the timeline in check and try to keep the roleplay progressing somewhat smoothly.

If you wish to join, feel free to do so! An important note however is that the Struggle for Kelredan roleplay does not have a solid ruleset and may play differently than the other Prophesy of Pendor roleplays. Otherwise, feel free to tag along and have fun! To start your character or rejoin the roleplay, please see item 6 on the contents list.

If there are any questions or concerns, please tell us in the General OCC thread.

* * *

Important Links:
Roleplay Materials [OLD]
Struggle for Kelredan Timeline

Topic Contents:
1: Setting / Character Roles
2: Biographies
3: Money Matters
4: Meta Information
5: Roleplay Guidelines / Dynamic Hosting
6: Joining The Roleplay
7: Experimental Combat System

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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:25 am

Original Setting:

It is the second year after the unification of Pendor under the rule of the prophesied king, Mordred I Adalhard. (Aftermath Reborn Timeline: Year 376 AF)

Mobray County, the immediate surroundings of the capital city Sarleon, is facing troubles. The last baronet of Kelredan has died without wife or heir. A baronet being only a rather minor noble this would usually not cause much ado, but this case is different: Usually only higher nobles are allowed to build and hold proper castles while minor nobles such as baronets and knights have only walled estates or towerhouses, but the baronets of Kelredan, by some old laws, traditionally hold the castle of the same name near Sarleon. The other baronets of Mobray County, the rulers of Rebache, Belmonfaire and Yaragar have now all cast an eye on the prestigious and powerful title of Kelredan. They have all dug up some more or less valid claim to the vacant baronetcy and will try to gain control of it.
The lands of the capital city are considered neutral ground and Duke Darlion of Sarleon has made it clear that while he takes no interest in the petty struggles of minor nobles he will not tolerate fighting on lands under his direct protection. The Baron of Mobray, the direct feudal overlord of the baronets, has also declared neutrality in the struggle for the inheritance, but also that he will accept the judgement of the gods as to who would be best suited to hold Kelredan - in other words: let the best baronet win. In light of this he would not mind small skirmishes spilling into his lands as long as they serve to determine the new baronet of Kelredan and his subjects are not hurt.
So now the baronets, their knightly vassals, their household knights and a number of illustrious figures prepare for the struggle for Kelredan.

Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

"... and the Struggle of Kelredan soon transformed into something else entirely. For the first few days, the baronets plotted and planned their moves to become the rightful ruler of Kelredan Castle. However, try as they may, an omen loomed over the area in the form of ominous clouds from the north. While the peasants cowered in fear and travelers dared not journey to their next destination, the many of the major figures involved ignored such warning signs. It would prove to be their downfall.

Soon enough, peasant and noble alike began falling into a kind of sickness that eventually ended in a coma-like state. Almost everyone knew someone who was afflicted in this state, and families mourned for their loved ones to come back. Alas, it could not be so.

Some Baronetcies lost its faithful knights to the plague, others lost their baronet who was to lead them during these trying times. Mercenary and Adventuring companies made themselves scarce, leaving only the dedicated few in Mobray Country.

At the dawn of Day 8 of the Kelredan events, the situation has somewhat settled itself at the people adapted to the changing times. The people rallied to the church of Eunomia Stabilitis, praying for health and for the dark times to pass. In the east, Sir Nickolas has taken over the duties of Yaragar as Thedric Baras fell to the sickness. Belmonfaire stayed strong during these trying times, a trait no doubt earned from their renowned resolve, and the Adventurer Sir Forn Merclan was spoke of in taverns, but never found.

Now, at the light of a new dawn, how will the people of Mobray Country fare against these hardships, even with the ever growing threat from an army from the south..."

Area in Question:
Map Explanation:
Orange: Baronetcy of Kelredan. Its baronet died recently, causing a power vacuum as claimants struggle to take Kelredan for his / her own.
Green: Baronetcy of Belmonfaire.
Red: Baronetcy of Yaragar.
Blue: Baronetcy of Rebache. [Currently Inactive]
Turquoise: Direct holdings of the barony of Mobray.
Black: Direct holdings of the capital city.

Active Character Roles (Baseline):

Baronet of Yaragar: 
A well balanced baronetcy east of Sarleon. The lands are reasonably well settled and the river provides some wealth. (Currently under control by Sir Nickolas Ballard, a Free Knight)
Home: A tower house with palisade and ditch
Levy: 30 militia, 15 regulars, 5 knights
Budget: 2500 gold treasury

Baronet of Belmonfaire: 
A baronetcy that traditionally joined the defense against the Fierdsvain in the west. The increased military service comes with lowered taxes in turn.
Home: A tower house with palisade and ditch
Levy: 40 militia, 20 regulars, 6 knights
Budget: 2000 gold treasury

Landed Knight: 
Home: A knightly estate
Levy: 10 militia, 5 regulars, 2 knights
Budget: 800 gold treasury

Free Knight:
Troops: A mounted squire to attend him
Budget: 150 gold

Aventurer (renegade noble/ third son without inheritance): 
He, too, hopes to gain some money from the fighting - or more.
Troops: 4 fellow adventurers (weaker armour than knights, but with bows or light crossbows for versatility on horseback)
Budget: 600 gold
Estimate for hiring costs (subject to roleplay negotiations): 2500 gold

Archdeacon (a second son of a minor noble): 
The archbishop of Sarleon has commanded him to use the instability of the current situation to gain long desired tax exemptions for the church of Eunomia Stabilitis in the area. (Note: The Archdeacon has declared ownership of Kelredan Castle, and has joined the conflict!)
Troops: A personal guard of 5 halberdiers and 5 armoured longbowmen
Budget: 500 gold allowance from the bishop of Sarleon to help the cause of the church

Archived Character Roles:
Baronet of Rebache: 
A rich baronetcy controlling the trade route to Sarleon. The lands suffered more than others in the unification wars, so levies are smaller than elsewhere. (The Baronet and his knights have succumbed to the plague, leaving Rebache to fend for itself)
Home: A tower house with palisade and ditch
Levy: 20 militia, 10 regulars, 4 knights
Budget: 3000 gold treasury

Mercenary Captain (a commoner): 
He has only recently arrived in Mobray County and hopes that the current struggle might fill his purse.
Troops: 10 bladesman, 5 mercenary crossbowmen, 2 maiden outriders
Budget: 400 gold
Estimate for hiring costs (subject to roleplay negotiations): 2000 gold

Sheriff (a commoner): 
The baron of Mobray has tasked him to maintain the general order and contain fighting on an agreeable level. He is also responsible for tax collection.
Troops: 2 Wardens (mtd. regulars), 3 Rangers (mtd. regular archers), 10 Bounty Hunters (mtd. militia with light crossbows), 20 militia
Budget: Allowance of 250 gold to do his job + 250 gold extorted from peasants as protection money

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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:27 am

Active Player Characters:

Baronet of Belmonfaire (Hjolnai): Sir Laurence Stackford
Character Description:
Sir Laurence Stackford controls Belmonfaire, as heir to the current (aged) Baronet. A landed knight in his own right (this conveys no resource or military benefits, as his personal holdings are part of Belmonfaire), his claim to Kelredan Castle comes from his wife (sadly deceased), who was a cousin to the late Baronet.

Sir Laurence is known to have fought in the Unification wars, but not won any great renown beyond the norm for knights. He is thirty-eight, and wants to mark some improvement in his family's fortunes before he is too old for it. He still holds respect for his father, who now lives out his fading years peacefully, mostly in an elaborate garden he oversees.

Archdeacon (Vadir): Ferrand Astigi (The Archdeacon has joined the conflict!)
Character Description:
The Archdeacon of the church of Eunomia Stabilitis at Mobray.
Archdeacon Ferrand Astigi is a very strict and no-compromising upholder of the Law. His forty years of service in the Church have made every dispute look the same in his eyes. Born the second son of a noble house, Ferrand was forced into the Church at a young age and was known to have his escapades involving wine and the company of troubled women. He was reprimanded and twenty years later found himself Archdeacon at Mobray. Gifted with numbers and making his own life a bit more comfortable with them. Like all Archdeacons, Ferrand functions as the eye of the Bishop. Though Ferrand has another eye, with wich he finds ways to provide the pleasures of life a typical man of faith cannot have.
This second eye brought him to his nephew, Pontus Ario, who is a very devout follower of the owl and has been mentioned as a promising cleric. Although Ferrand was never close with his family after they forced him into the church, this time he'd make an exception. In Ferrand's eyes, the current Archbishop needs to be replaced, for he is much too incorruptable and threatened to reprimand him once again if he failed to persuade the Baronet into not asking any taxes or dues from the Church. A second reprimand would mean he'd live the remainder of his life in partial solitude in a secluded monastary for from his desired comforts.

Free Knight (Sir Nickolas): Sir Nickolas Ballard, "Pureheart" (Note: Has taken control over Yaragar)
Character Description:
Age: 42
Class: Free Knight
Preference: None (I'll let Nickolas be randomly assigned to a lord)

Nickolas is a foreigner to Pendor, only having arrived shortly after the Unification Wars were over.

In the past, Nickolas served as a trusted vassal of a forgotten kingdom in lands distant from Pendor. There, Nickolas participated in a conflict similar to Pendor's own, that of unification. In time, the Kingdom that Nickolas served proved to be triumphant, and peace finally fell across the land.
Alas, peace would not last. Several years after the land was unified, a darkness fell upon the kingdom. A plague like no other consumed the lives of thousands, discerning not from noble or commoner, man or woman, elder or child. Nickolas' wife fell victim to the plague. Peasants rioted, blaming their lords for neglecting their safety. Nickolas lost his only daughter in this manner as an angry mob led by a retired captain stormed into Nickolas' estate, burning and pillaging whatever they could find.

Nickolas had no option but to flee the plague-ridden land, and chaos continued to consume that kingdom whole. While initially Nickolas was accompanied by a few trusted soldiers he led during the war, one by one they too fell victim to one catastrophic event to another. The only sole survivor that made it through was Robert Garrison, who was the son of one of the lords Nickolas respected.
When Nickolas finally reached his destination, the harbor was under quarantine by direct orders of the King himself. Nickolas attempted to use his authority to bypass the restriction to set sail, but no one would listen.  Later, Nickolas found himself in the tavern, contemplating his inevitable demise, when by chance Robert found an intrepid explorer who had a ship of his own. Under the cover of night, Nickolas, Robert, and the unnamed explorer sneaked onto the ship and managed to escape the kingdom of chaos.

An unknown amount of time later and Nickolas found himself being woken up by a young Robert, exclaiming that land has finally been sighted. Nickolas rose, and the land he saw was that of Pendor...
During his short amount of time in Pendor, Nickolas took Robert as his squire, and has been taking the odd job every now and then: training villagers against bandits, finding lost cows, or just accompanying the occasional caravan. Such activities began to remind him of how he began his days on that continent so far, far away...

However, now Nickolas Ballard finds himself in the middle of a struggle for the lands of Keldredan. With the his lone squire, Robert Garrison, at his side, he rode forth into the conflict...

Adventurer (DrSane): Sir Forn "Scowling Jack" Merclan, the salt slaver
Character Description:
Sir Forn is nearly forty years old, a squat and heavily built man, with slick oiled hair that he pulls back into a pony tail. His eyelids are slightly puffy giving those who look into his eyes the impression he is a pig. Yet what dominates his face is the scar he bears from being struck on the right side of his jaw with a morning-star, he lacks teeth up to his incisors on this side, and the healed flesh concaves disgustingly inwards indicating the missing shards of bone.

Born an bastard, his salt merchant father blackmailed a bankrupt knight to take him as a squire and see him knighted. After his new found title, Sir Forn spent much of his early life working as a thug for the many merchant princes of Javiksholm. He later enlisted into a mercenary company and learnt the brutality and cunning of a sell sword. After many months of campaigning he returned home to his father, with a broken face, a purse spilling with gold, and a baby blonde girl clutching a noldor necklace.

Using the money he saved, he bought a salt mine, and went prowling the countryside for bandits to enslave and work the mine for his family, however it soon became rumour that Scowling Jack would capture any foreign traveler foolish enough to walk undefended along the roads. He married, fathering three similarly squat sons and squired them off to other down on their luck knights, his mysterious daughter grew tall and elegant, with sly eyes twinkling with ambition and a dangerous sword arm to achieve it. When his youngest son returned to him after his knighthood Mordred arrived at Javiksholm with the Unification war. During the retreat from the countryside his slaves escaped and their village house was burned down. After the city was conquered the new lord decided to take the salt mine as his, and after Scowling Jack appeared to beseech him he took a fancy to Forns daughter to. That night Sir Forn bundled his wife and mother in law off to his father to look after, and decided it was time to take his children freelancing to teach them the way of the world. After many years they still adventure side by side, and whilst passing by the capital he finds his daughter and her companions invited to stay at Kelredan castle. After a suspicious night his daughter finds his lordship dead...

Landed Knight, vassal to Yaragar (Psychozoa): Sir Derreck Weiherr
Character Description:
35 Years Old. tries to behave like true Knight. He always speaks the truth, his sword protects the weak. Treason is the highest crime he can imagine and he despises everyone who lies and doesn't act honorably.

Landed Knight, vassal to Kelredan (Ser Varys): Sir Heinrich von Kepler (Note: Working with Belmonfaire)
Character Description:
Heinrich. It was a name often whispered in the halls of Castle Kelredan, when the old baronet was still alive.

Born to a Mettenheim woman and a noble Pendor father, as a young child, Heinrich began his life in confusion and with split personalities. His mother was a strong, caring woman, while his father, Sir Druin Kepler, was a kind and compassionate man. He owned a small estate in Kelredan, close to the waterfront but open to raids and attacks. Druin was always off hunting bandits and helping the Baronet. Heinrich's mother was usually the one taking care of him. She taught him to speak, and he acquired that peculiar Mettenhiem accent, which stuck with him for the rest of his life. He began training at a very young age, always serious and somber without giving himself much time to play. Heinrich began to grow up as an exemplary swordsman, forgoing sticks for swords at ten. He was a unique sword fighter, interested in the stories o the Forlorn Hope regiments his mother always told him. He grew to have a close relationship with his mother, with her being one of the only people able to bring a smile out of him. His father was kind, but he never had much time to spend with Heinrich, leaving him with a close but empty relationship with his father. Over time, the estate grew with his family, and Marlena, his sister, was born.

As Heinrich trained and became a fine young man, tragedy struck his home multiple times. His sister succumbed to some sort of sickness. Sir Druin never recovered from the death of his daughter, and he became cold and distant. He was killed when he was out in service of the Baronet shortly after. Although Heinrich had a strained relationship with his father, he never fully got over the death of Sir Druin, or his sister. His mother was sad and lonely, and she too passed away later, out of grief.

An orphan, and the sole ruler of the Kepler estate, Heinrich was determined to see his lineage continue. He married a young Mettenhiem immigrant, and had two sons and a daughter. His wife died soon after his daughter was born, but he seemed not to notice, or care. He slowly built up his fortunes, and began to rise in the service of the Baronet of Kelredan. His name was one feared throughout the bandit hideouts of the area. Grief had changed him, however. What had started out as a curious and quiet boy grew up to become a cold and fearless commander. His somber mood was known to dampen a room, and a maid once said, "some places in his mind even darkness won't go into". He had very few friends, and one of them was his quiet squire. The boy barely spoke a word, yet Heinrich felt a connection to him and bonded in a way he never bonded with anyone else, even his own sons.

Soon after his 30th birthday, the Baronet paid him a personal visit and asked him to train his levies and help guard the castle. Heinrich, seeing a way to improve his fortunes, accepted. Over time, the Baronet and Heinrich became old, if not good, friends, and they aged together.

Unfortunately, the Baronet died without a heir, and Heinrich, forty now, returned home to the Kepler estate. His sons had grown into men, and his daughter was of age to be wed, but Heinrich seemed to really look upon them for the first time. He stood up to his full height and awaited the storm to come.

Heinrich is of a tall and fit stature. He isn't extremely muscled, but he is fit enough to be a better fighter than most. He lost one eye to a bandit and has a scar across the empty cavity of his eye.

Inactive Player Characters:

Baronet of Yaragar (Arcanum): Sir Thedric Baras
Character Description:
Controlling the village of Yaragar and its portion of waterway for several generations brought a modest wealth to its ruling family, enough so that two generation ago his family was able to be married into the now deceased baronet's bloodline. At the time, the now deceased baronets father saw fit to wed one of his younger sisters to the then unmarried Baronet of Yaragar. This marriage resulted in the Sir Baras's father, who then passed down his title to his son, of a relatively unimportant minor noble lady from Marleons, after his death a decade after the Unification War.

Baronet Yaragar, now age 27, is aware that he has a claim on the now vacant seat Kalredan, and also his precarious position between the other two claimants. Not as militarily strong as Belmonfaire, but not as rich as his neighbor the baronet of Rebache across the river. While competent enough to lead a small group of men against a bandit hideout, he is more known for his head in business, slowly building upon the basis that his forefathers left him. Sir Baras sees the three way claim as an opportunity to be welcomed, at the very least his name will be known more widely outside his current holdings, at the very best he might own a castle. Both of which would be good for business.

Baronet of Rebache (BlueRaven): Sir William Grey
Character Description:
Coming from the former Knights of the Lion, he had gained the title of baronet of Rebache through mere fate. His knight-captain, Sir Nathaniel Greenfield, had held the position until the town was raided by a group of bandits. They had come at the dead of night, slaughtering, pillaging, and raping as they went. When William awoke in the guest room at the village hall, he heard the smell of burning and quickly got equipped in his ever ready battle gear. Upon reaching the doorway he discovered that the doorway was covered in flame and he decided to do the bravest thing he had ever done. He ran through the flames being scorched all the way and forever after bears the burns he received that day.
Once outside he saw that a fight had broken out. His knight-captain Sir Greenfield was engaging the bandits with the town watch. The bandits appeared to have the upperhand as they cut their way to Greenfield. Greenfield himself sat atop his horse valiantly holding off the bandits as the townspeople escaped the village. He could not last forever, though.
After the last of the poorly equipped town guard were killed the bandits surrounded Greenfield and cut his horse down. Without the height advantage Greenfield quickly began losing ground, until after bruised and tired, one of the bandits slew him.
"NOOOOO!" William roared with fury as he charged the remaining six bandits. Charged with adrenaline cut each one down with his sword. The crisis had ended.
By the afternoon of the next day the townspeople had managed to quell the fires and bury the dead. A service was held for Sir Greenfield and William, the obvious choice, was made the new baronet and regarded as a hero for what he had done.
The first thing William did was creating a standing army for the town and surrounding land so a thing like that would never happen again. The town was slowly rebuilt and it's economy restored from that fateful night until Rebache became prosperous.
The people became devoutly loyal to William as he became an accomplished leader. But William never forgot how he came to power and he made sure that it would never happen again.

William is an accomplished diplomat, leader, and an excellent warrior. He is extremely chivalrous and will not kill unnecessarily as well as let his men or people die needlessly. He fights on horseback with a lance but often takes to the ground and fights with his shield and sword. As well as this he is a brilliant general who has the ability to come up with solutions that others might not have seen.
He is looking to expand his territory by taking Kelredan Castle, of which the Baronet just died, with the full support of his people. He believes that he is the most noble, with his knightly heritage, of the surrounding baronets to be able to control such an important position and not abuse the power. With the great wealth of Rebache he hopes on hiring some mercenaries in order to bolster his numbers. He is also awaiting the arrival of a landed knight whose help he hopes to gain in order to fulfill his goal.
In terms of religion he follows the goddess Astrea despite the norm for the area and established church. This leads to some tension with the Archdeacon in the area but as of yet has not lead to bloodshed. His people are split between the two deities with some following their leaders example and others following the norm of the rest of Mobray County. These two faction are too loyal to William to engage in conflict though, so there is no danger of rebellion within Rebache.

Mercenary Captain (Kamos32): Yagiz the Third, Blade in the Dusk
Character Description:
Yagiz is a short slender man of D'Shar decent with dark skin, slick black hair and a most distinctive goatee including his longer curled mustache by which he is known. His face is chronically plastered with a deviant joyful grin and followed by his upbeat jaunty voice, ever in a good mood. He walks around in bright silk clothing and rides a black horse with a scimitar and bow ever at his side. Yagiz also speaks in third person and arbitrarily refers to himself as the third and gave himself the title Blade in the Dusk making him somewhat eccentric.

Yagiz is of tribal D'Shar stock born into an independent tribe that mainly raided the dominant factions of the Unification wars. Yagiz himself took up the sword like all others of his tribe and took to raiding the D'Shar lands of anyone passing through, a customary greeting. However after one raid on a merchant caravan he found himself being lectured by the head merchant for his wasteful ways, how there could be great amounts of gold and power in his future if he instead helped merchants like himself. So after killing the merchant Yagiz decided to sell his sword instead.
Since then he has served with dubious distinction mostly along the coast and lacks a strong reputation either good or bad. Over the years he has gained a small number of followers who mainly follow him because he has a keen nose for getting them gold and it's easier to get work as a group. He doesn't make for an inspiring leader but his gregarious nature makes him easy to follow.

Currently he has been prowling the taverns near Sarleon looking for work with his two warrior concubines Mara and Rana, who hate each other, and his small band of mercenaries.

Sheriff of Mobray (zekic): Olaf Oudant
Character Description:

Before Mobray County :Olaf Oudant, the infamous warrior from Fierdsvain, not much is known about his past before he arrived to Mobray County 10 years ago.Some think he was vanskerry warrior who betrayed his crew, others say that he was greedy merchant who baited more then he could chew, but only sure thing i that Olaf doesn't want to go back where he came from.
 Becoming Sheriff: Due to weakness of Sheriff and various wars Mobray County  was infested with bandit's during times when Olaf arrived, and he was quick to use this opportunity. In a few years Olaf gained notoriety amongst bandit's for his habit of backstabbing, treachery and fight's for power, however after Pendor unification when it was easier to deal with bandit's Olaf was quick to switch sides. He organized attack on sheriff,  an attack in which he wasn't present himself. Quite on contrary he rushed to help sheriff and his militia and with his help militia killed attackers, "sadly" Olaf was too late to save Sheriff. Soon he managed to gain post of Sheriff using his experience,tough mostly because people who assigned him didn't knew much about him.

 Sheriff of Mobray County : Olaf became sheriff for one reason, and one reason only. The power. Olaf always lusted for power, and wealth. He abused his powers as much as he could. Working with bandit's and betraying them when it was useful to him,placing "taxes for protection" on traveling peasant's, terrorizing villages in his early months as Sheriff. Olaf established corruption, and made it well known ,for those who need too, that anything can be done as long as sum of money is right.

Yet criminal activity diminished since Olaf became Sheriff, powerful bandit leader's were quickly brought down as they posed danger to Olaf, peasants who payed taxes remained mostly unharmed,and the only strong group of bandit's is under constant watch of Olaf.

Character description:

Appearance:Olaf got scar from dagger on right side of face, he also got medium beard and long hair, both back. Olaf carries the wealthiest clothes he can afford, he almost always has chain mail and dagger hidden under his clothes no matter occasion. His weapons kit, when he goes to more dangerous trip, includes bunch of throwing axe's and one bigger one handed axe for close combat.

Personality: Olaf is greedy and lusts for power, he sees everyone as possible stepping stone that may serve in his own agendas. He values his life above everything else,doesn't care about honor and is loyal only to himself. Believes that money can buy anything, or anyone.Olaf is merciless and get's mad easy, yet he can easily turn into coward in face of death.His only weakness is his daughter Greta.

Skills:While he is not as strong as usual people from Fierdsvain, he is agile, and quick, traits which saved him on numerous occasions. Olaf got intimidating appearance and reputation which serve him good in achieving his goals. He is skilled with Axe and dagger combat also he is good at throwing axes, his skills are at level of vanskerry raider, or vanskerry warrior at best.


"Knights of the Lion"
:"Knights of the Lion" is a bandit group in Mobray County who are in agreement with Olaf. Olaf provides them free information and allows them to attack peasant's who didn't payed "Protection taxes" in turn bandit's don't attack peasants who are under protection of Olaf. Also "Knights of the Lion" and Olaf work together to destroy any other bandit group, this brings Olaf fame of good Sheriff in eyes of his superiors and makes sure that "Knights of the Lion" don't have competition.Leader of "Knights of the Lion" is former member of an actual order Sir Althalos of Sarleon. The knight was expelled for his unknightly behaviour yet he insists that he would be called Sir.In the bandit group he adopted rank of grandmaster.

Ryn: Is Olaf's current bodyguard,usual big but not intelligent brute, ready to do every Olaf's command.Formally he is militiaman.

Greta:Greta is currently 6 year old she lives in village of Rebachee and few  people know who her true father is.She was conceived after one night stand of Olaf and woman whose name he never cared about.Greta's mother was killed few years after by Olaf himself when she told him about his daughter and demanded money and protection. However Olaf couldn't kill his own daughter. Greta is the only person about who Olaf deeply cares.Her current parents protect the secret under threat of painful deaths, even Greta doesn't know who her father is.

Landed Knight, vassal to Rebache (Pravenstern) : Chonrad Blackwood, of Darkened Forests
Character Description:
Age: 22
Chonrad is the fifth knight in the line of Blackwood, and the only heir to Salador Blackwood. Chonrad’s greatgreatgrandfather inherited the Blackwood village in Mobray County through unknown means, at least if you ask anyone other than the family members. And ever since has the newly-founded Blackwood House ruled over the fief, and always the local Baronet has accepted the family’s pledge to them. His father died in the last battles of unification wars three years prior and now he has finally taken over the duties of his ancestors, previously managed by his steward.

Just like everyone in his family, Chonrad was born in the Blackwood Manor. It is also the place where he lived nearly all his life, which was a mixed blessing. On one hand Chonrad didn’t have much social contact with people other than visiting nobles. On the other hand, he had a lot of time to devote to his studies and swordmanship, which he is very proud of. Indeed, his whole childhood was nothing but studying under his tutors and practicing under the two nameless knights serving the Knight of Blackwood. Those experiences shaped him to become the man he is now: cold and emotionless. However, he also became a forward-thinking person, who holds interest in development and stability of the surrounding area and the realm. This translates to great willingness to improve the infrastructure of his village, one of the few things he holds important.

Chonrad himself is a mid-length well-fit person. The tall trees of the forest combined with all the time spent inside the manor have made his skin pale. Just like all the people in his family, Chonrad has a straight black hair and a noble face of authority.

Nearly nothing is known about the family itself. Their fief is remote and hidden in the small forest, and has been repeatedly saved from fires of war through that. Especially with the capital Sarleon on the other side of the river and the rumoured witches, there was little to hold people’s interest. Whether the rumours are true or not, hooded figures have been spotted patrolling around the forest in the past. And the surrounding areas have always been plagued by Heretics…

Landed Knight, vassal to Belmonfaire (Tortilla Boy): Sir Ashton Bellon
Character Description:
Sir Ashton Bellon of the Belmonfaire plains, 24 years old, Young and reckless, willing to stand by what he thinks is right until complete failure and finally brave and warm heart towards the peasant's and the church. His coat of arms is a white hand clutching a white key on a black field.

Landed Knight, vassal to Kelredan (BradyBrood): Amhain Iobairt (Note: Dead, Player Left Roleplay)
Character Description:
Brothers: Ceann Cruálach Iobairt, Folar Cheann Iobairt. Amhain is the main character the other 2 are his younger brothers and will be the 2 knights.

Bio : Amhain was the first born son of a minor noble, his father was rewarded with a minor estate in Kelredan during the war but unknown to his lord when he had been captured in battle with the heretics they had broken his will and his mind and in doing so turned him into a devout follower of Erida Occisor.
During his time amongst the heretics they had forced prisoners to fight and then sacrificed those who lost or disappointed them to their goddess.
To begin with all he had known was that 2 at a time prisoners were dragged away and that few of them had ever returned.
Over the following weeks he came to dread the time when he would be taken away believing the stories of ritual sacrifice until finally he was led in chains to a small clearing with an alter in the center, it was only upon seeing another prisoner standing opposite him and then being handed a weapon that made him realize he was going to be forced to fight for his life, as he was led in the center of the clearing he recognized the prisoner opposite him as a man he had grown up with, at this point his memory failed and he remembered nothing of the events that followed until he found himself covered in the blood of his friend holding his severed head over the alter.
From then on his life began to improve, he was given better food, a blanket at night and shelter from the coldest weather because he had impressed the heretics.
In the weeks that followed he was forced to watch and take part in the torture of other prisoners and assist in sacrificing them to Erida Occisor and slowly but surely his mind broke under the strain of what he was seeing.
When he had gone all but insane he was dragged to the alter and another prisoner was sacrificed over him, during the sacrifice he heard Erida for the first time and having fallen so far he could never go back he accepted the offer she made.
His mind was returned to him but he would be forced to continue the sacrifices of her cult, every year he was expected to sacrifice a dozen souls to her or his mind would be taken forever and so every year that followed he did his part to make her stronger.

After this he was set free the heretics intending to use him and other secret worshippers like him to bring down pendor but it was not long before the heretic armies were hunted down and destroyed leaving him with no choice but to hide his new faith, in the years that followed he had 3 sons, Amhain, Ceann and Fola, he passed on his new found faith to them, during this time he began forcing his militia to fight seeing them as little better then living sacrifices and drove his men hard to hunt down bandits though insisting that they be captured alive though once brought to him none were ever seen again.

As the numbers of bandits declined it became routine for those militia who proved themselves to be unworthy to be killed in "accidents", the truth however was that they were being dragged away in the dark of the night and sacrificed on a hidden alter to Erida Occisor.
Those who were deemed worthy however were quickly promoted to the regulars and although none of them knew it, when they were promoted and swore themselves to him they were also initiated into the service of Erida Occisor so every man they killed would feed her power.

Some years past he died in an "accident" himself after losing in a training bout against his son Amhain, now ruler of the estate Amhain continues his fathers traditions and although forced to keep it a secret he dreams of one day having enough soldiers and power to bring the worship of Erida Occisor back into the open with the aid of his brothers who although as devout as he is, he can not trust knowing that to show weakness to them would likely result in his own death.

Free Knight (Iskar): Sir Ealdred Moorsburgh
Character Description:
He is a simple household knight but his family has not always been such. Of old Sarleonese descent he has nobility in his blood like few others and regards younger houses or even the upstart new knights that emerged from the unification wars with contempt. He knows all too well though that ever since his family lost their estates centuries ago his own claim to any lands is a lost case - unless something unexpected happens.
Ealdred is a seasoned knight in his mid forties of typical Sarleon complexion. While his hair is starting to show grey and he is not as fast and strong as he used to be he makes that up by half a lifetime of experience surviving the various battlefields of Pendor. He has a stiff code of honour, but that only applies to those he considers worthy and those are few.
His squire, Jacob Farthing, the son of a landed knight from Kennet County, has just turned 19 and is starting to grow impatient waiting for his knighthood, but Sir Moorsburgh is a strict teacher with very high demands: If he has to condescend to letting the son of a noble with a line of ancestors barely half as long as his own squire for him to make a living, he will at least beat some proper sense of nobility into the boy.

Free Knight (Shadow-Seeker): Sir Alain Artois, "The Jester"
Character Description:
26 years old, born in the 348th year after the founding of Pendor. His father was a landed knight in the sevencross mountains during the reign of King Ulric. The Kingdom of Sarleon was always notorious for its quarrelsome nobles, and the house of Artois was caught up in one.

During the Unification wars, when Alain was serving as a squire to a knight, the baronet his father served under seized their lands and stole their rightful holdings on a trumped up claim that Ulric couldn't spare enough time to properly pay attention to it. Alain was notified, and all he had left was the armor on his back and his horse. His knight, Sir Gaidon Ertry, was a respected knight, an old friend of his father who kept Alain out of respect for his old father. He taught him everything he needed to know about combat, and knighted him as a final act before he died.

The Baronet quickly betrayed King Ulric and his liege, and sided with the new king of Pendor, Mordred Adalhard. He kept all his lands, and Alain wanted revenge, for his father and his house's dignity. He became a wandering knight-errant.

Alain's coat of arms, three golden fleur-de-lys on a field of dark red, had to be abandoned for the time being. Alain assumed an arms of assumption, a Single White rose on a field of green, and set out under the name "Sir Maximillian". He soon found himself enjoying the company of commoners far more than the pompous nobles, and became a champion of the people. He won tournaments and started to challenge wandering free knights to random duels, to train for the day that he would face his old enemy once more.

Knights in the heartlands soon began to fear to travel alone, lest their blood is spilled by the "thorn" of the "White Rose". Soon, he joined a tournament where he was able to fight the baronet's son. After a joust, they retired to a tavern...

In the tavern, Alain was tense. In front of him was the target he had trained for all this time.. The son of his nemesis, the one who had stolen his life and family.

"Good drinks here eh?" said the baronet's son, he could've been no more than 18, barely knighted. Alain licked his lips with anticipation..

"Yes yes, tell me, how is your father?"

"My father? Old bugger is about to kick the bucket. I'm his only competant son, I'll be getting those lands soon, probably within the month. He's been sick."

Sir Alain tensed up as his fingers clenched the handle around his mug. "This could be my chance.."

"That's.. that is pretty grim. I'm sorry to hear that.."

"I'm not. All he has ever done was make my life more difficult. Who needs fathers. If it wasn't for me all he would have is my challenged brother Tristan."

"At least you have one you arrogant... pompous.." Alain breathed slowly as he got ahold of himself, and the noble blathered on.

Sir Alain needed a distraction, he gripped the dagger in his hand. He saw that the tavern had enough people.. maybe, quite a crowd for a castle-town tavern.

He raised his mug to the noble
"Now that your away from daddy, let's me show you some good ol' quality entertainment."

"Too bad I'll have the last laugh." he thought to himself as he stood up.

"C'mon singers, join me!" He yelled to the wenches and drunks, a wild smile on his face.

He thought up of a popular song he had heard in Marleons the day before

"There's a little refrain,
They're chanting in the good rain"

Good.. Good.. some of the villagers had begun to join in..

"Especially when they've been
drinking wine
Or the beer
If you've got the patience,
Your own imaginations
Will tell you just exactly what you want to hear..."

Here we go..

"Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
That's how it goes,"

The bar maidens began to dance, the drunks were swaying, as all could be expected of drunks.. the baronet's son looked a bit sullen, not exactly enjoying the fraternization with commoners.

"Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
Ev'ryone knows."

Someone in the corner began to play their instrument, a simple drum

"They all suppose what they want to suppose
When they hear...oom-pah-pah!! "

He pinched a girl's behind as a joke, the pompous noble seemed now to be getting into in, dancing with a tavern wench, a bit awkwardly.

Sir Alain jumped on one of the tables for the second verse

"The sheriff John Snodgrass
Would often have the odd glass --
But never when he thought anybody could see.
Secretly he'd buy it,
And drink it on the quiet,
And dream he was a count
With a girl on each knee!"

Everyone was up and dancing now, singing their own off-key 'oom pah pahs'

"Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
That's how it goes."

Everyone was clinking their glasses, this was the perfect moment..

"Oom-pah-pah! Oom-pah-pah!
Ev'ryone knows..."

Sir Alain got off the table and went near the noble, who was now perfectly fine dancing with the ladies. Alain put his hand on his shoulder, grasping his dagger

"What is the cause of his red shiny nose?"

the maidens danced off, carried away in the dancing as the noble stopped to look at Alain

"Hey why did you-" he said quite indignantly

"Could it be..."

He pressed his dagger into the noble's heart, a hand over his mouth.

"oom-pah-PAH!?" he finished with a disturbing smile on his face.

everyone was singing and dancing, noone bothered to notice the little scene in the corner. Alain put down his companion into a chair and walked off, his revenge complete.. One of the drunks got blamed for it apparently.

A week later, it was said that a knight from long ago had returned, Sir Alain Artois, with the old shield of his house, apparently he had been adventuring in far-off Amala and returned to his home. It was also reported that he had slain Sir Maximilian and burned his body, ending his terrifying reign of the rogue knight.

He was 22 when he achieved his revenge. For the next several years he felt empty and alone, wandering the lands, without a home, just participating in whatever tournaments or pit fights he needed to to sustain himself. He soon met a minor lord from the baronetcy of Morbray, who offered him a home, and employment after hearing of his deeds as a knight.

After he became a household knight, he devoted himself to the service of his baronet. He became quite more amiable when he finally got a home, and is called the jester due to his humor and stories and general shenanigans he does. He is willing to do anything he needs to do for his lord, the only noble he finds himself being able to truly respect and appreciate. He has no desire to return to his old village, Sir Alain will follow his lord and his descendents as a loyal servant.

To this day, he goes to village taverns and sings and dances to the same song over and over again.

Free Knight (Das Knecht): Ser Carax "Clovershield" Bouss.
Character Description:
Born a common innkeeper's son, he could only dream of great battles and knighthood. But when his father arranged him to squire a minor lordling of the Kelredan Barony, those dreams were fulfilled. He served under a knight and was happy, but soon learned the true way of combat on the battlefield and during the unification wars. He grew hard during the struggles, but his true advancement came during the Siege of Sarleon. He was wounded, badly, but his master suffered death in the form of a quarrel flying through his open visor. Carax was noted for his performance and was later knighted by the late Lord of Kennet County. Thus he became a free knight. After the Siege of Sarleon he took to wearing a shield with a four-leafed clover painted on it, for good luck, and so he was named Clovershield.

Carax Bouss is 33 years old and has two sons with his wife Anna, a common tavern wench.

Free Knight (mesor): Jared Hounds, "Crimson Bow" (Note: Dead, Player Left Roleplay)
Character Description:
Age : 23

Jared was the first born son of a veteran warrior, he spent his life constantly following soldiers around watching them and hoping they would take notice of him.
Not having much money he spent any spare time he had training or fighting with other children.
At the age of 17 a minor knight saw him fighting with other teenagers and was impressed by his skill and so took him on as his squire training him in the art of combat from horseback.
In the years that followed he became a skilled warrior and after winning a tournament was knighted by the noble who owned the city.
Rather uniquely amongst knights Jared had also spent a great deal of time training to use a bow and in time earned the nickname the Crimson Bow.
Jared now 23 years old has a squire of his own and is looking for a cause to serve, his master having retired the year before.
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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:27 am

Money And Usage

Gold is the main form of currency within the Struggle for Kelredan roleplay. The ruleset is mainly based on logic and common sense, so players will normally have to work together to find what is fair for values and actions that are not listed. Remember, each action has a consequence!

The player can use gold for...

- Recruitment (List Below)
- Hiring Mercenaries / Adventurers (2000g was the original baseline, real cost subject to negotiations)
- Purchasing Equipment (List Below)
- Hosting a Feast (Cost per Character // 20g Free Knight // 100g Landed Knight, Archdeacon, Sheriff, Adventurer // 150g Baronet // 200 Baron)
- Tournament (800 Gold, pays for preparations and food)
- Whatever the imagination brings. Consult with other players and your GM.

The player can gain gold by...

- Road Tolls (Will Cause Unhappy Merchants)
- Battle Loot
- Gifts
- Shady Deals
- Almost whatever within reason! Consult with other players or your GM.

Recruitment (Note: Experimental!)

100g Militia (Default Equipment: Light Leather // Simple Tabard // Spears // Kite or Board Shields // Short Bows // Arrows // Swords
600g Regular (Default Equipment: Chainmail // Simple Tabard // Spears // Kite or Board Shields // Short Bows // Arrows // Swords)
1000g Knight

Item List:

10g Sturdier Tabards
50g Quality Leather Armor (Militia Only!)
500g Chainmail

20g Hardened Spears
40g Polehammer (Foot Troops Only!)
70g Halberd (Unmounted Regulars Only!)

20g Nomad Bows
40g Longbows (Unmounted Regulars Only!)

20g Barbed Arrows
40g Bodkin Arrows

20g Light Crossbow
50g Crossbow (Foot Troops Only!)
70g Heavy Crossbow (Unmounted Regulars Only!)

20g Javelins
40g Throwing Spears (Regulars Only!)

80g Saddle Horse
150g Hunter (Regulars Only!)

10g Pavise Upgrade for Board Shields (Adds spikes for pavise-like use)

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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:28 am

Struggle for Kelredan Meta Information:

Yaragar (Controlled by Sir Nickolas)
Gold: 810 (800 promised)
Troops: 30 Militia, 15 Regulars, 5 Knights

Belmonfaire: (Sir Laurence Stackford)
Gold: 200
Troops: 40 Militia, 20 Regulars, 6 Knights
Sir Laurence's Location: Belmonfaire
Sir Laurence's Troops: N / A

Archdeacon Ferrand Astigi
Gold: 500
Troops: 5 Halberdiers, 5 Armored Longbowmen
Location: Church in Mobray

Sir Nickolas Ballard:
Gold: 0
Troops: 1 Squire (Robert)
Location: In Yaragar

Sir Heinrich von Kepler
Gold: 800
Troops: 10 Militia, 5 Regulars, 2 Knights
Location: In Belmonfaire?

Sir Derrick Weiherr:
Gold: 350
Troops: 10 Militia, 5 Regulars, 2 Knights
Location: Stationed in Kelredan

Sir Forn Merclan
Gold: 600
Troops: 4 Adventurers
Location: Unknown

Inactive Accounts:
Rebache: 3028 gold (+80 gold security)

Sheriff: 400 gold
- Security Given to Rebache (-80 gold)

Yagiz: 1340 gold

All other accounts remain at baseline. (i.e. unchanged)

Equipment Purchased / Acquired:

5 longbows
5 bodkin arrows
5 hardened spears
5 sturdy tabards

10 heavy crossbows
10 hardened spears (bonus used)
10 pavise spikes
10 good quality swords
10 sturdiers tabards (bonus used)

Inactive Characters:
1 old half plate
1 crude heavy leather
2 chipped quality swords
1 crossbow
1 composite bow and arrows (pending)
1 destrier (pending)
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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:52 am

Roleplaying Guide

As I have stated before, the Struggle for Kelredan does not really have a solid ruleset and mostly relies on logic, common sense, and players working together to progress the roleplay. Due to this, the Struggle for Kelredan is fairly open-ended in what you can do, but disagreements can arise due to there not being an established list of regulations.

This minor event does not really have a main GM, the only people who come close to that are Ser Varys who has access to random occurrences to keep things interesting and myself who is more of a janitor than much else. Instead, the roleplay relies on a dynamic hosting system put in place by Iskar before he departed. Essentially, this system allows for other players to become a temporary GM for an event that would require a GM to complete. (This includes combat, but covers many other actions as well.)

Of course, remember that the main attraction here is the Aftermath Reborn event with the Noble wars. The Kelredan event is a minor event carried over from the previous Aftermath board with more emphasis on roleplay and character development.

Dynamic Hosting

The Dynamic Hosting system goes as follows...

1: Players get into a situation that a GM would normally have to handle.
2: These players post in the Game Master thread requesting for a Temp GM.
3: Other players not participating in that situation can volunteer to be a Temp GM.
4: Players in the event accept or reject the offer (majority vote).
5: The Temporary GM resolves the situation, and then the players continue roleplaying as normal.

Of course, this is just a guideline. If the players involved are comfortable with a participate also GMing the event, then go ahead. If the players just want instant action, there doesn't have to be an approval process and the first person to make a GM post in that event becomes the Temp GM. This roleplay is open-ended, as long as everyone involved is having fun, then it really doesn't matter how we get to point A to point B.

A Possible Solid Foundation

The Struggle of Kelredan event revolves around one thing and one thing only, and that is the ultimate control of Kelredan castle by any means possible. All actions should take this into reference, whether the player seeks to take Kelredan for himself / herself or his / her liege.

Currently, only Gold has a foundation that can be expanded and revised if need be. I have also made an experimental combat system, but that system is completely optional. The players resolving for combat can simply go the logic route with a GM.
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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:16 am

Joining the Struggle for Kelredan Event

New Players:

1: To join the Struggle for Kelredan roleplay, choose a character role. Open character roles have been posted here for your convenience.

Character Roles (Baseline):
Landed Knight: 
Home: A knightly estate
Levy: 10 militia, 5 regulars, 2 knights
Budget: 800 gold treasury

Free Knight:
Troops: A mounted squire to attend him
Budget: 150 gold

Adventurer: (noble) 
Troops: 4 fellow adventurers (weaker armour than knights, but with bows or light crossbows for versatility on horseback)
Budget: 600 gold
Estimate for hiring costs (subject to roleplay negotiations): 2500 gold

Mercenary Captain (commoner): 
He has only recently arrived in Mobray County and hopes that the current struggle might fill his purse.
Troops: 10 bladesman, 5 mercenary crossbowmen, 2 maiden outriders
Budget: 400 gold
Estimate for hiring costs (subject to roleplay negotiations): 2000 gold
2: If you are a Landed Knight, choose your baronet. (Yaragar or Belmonfaire. Rebache is currently inactive, and Kelredan is allowed for special cases.)

2a: If you are not a Landed Knight, you are sworn to no one at the start. It is advised to seek out a faction to join in the conflict, or if you dare, create your own! (If you wish to skip over introductions, feel free to do so if you want to jump into the action.)

3: Submit your character in the General OCC thread for the Struggle for Kelredan.

4: Once approved, begin roleplaying! Find or create a thread to begin your character's adventure in the Kelredan event. If all else fails, there's always the tavern.

- Yaragar, Belmonfaire, and the Archdeacon are the major factions to join in the Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath roleplay. (Belmonfaire is the only faction with its original Baronet, Yaragar is being led by a Free Knight, and the Archdeacon now has also joined the conflict.)
- Rebache has been hit by the plague and lacks a leader. Anyone not affiliated with the major factions can take over Rebache and join in the conflict, using Rebache's resources!

Returning Players:

If you are returning to the Struggle for Kelredan event, don't worry! For the most part, your character will remain as you left it, but troops and gold may differ from before. To rejoin, simply jump right back in, awakening from the coma that the plague placed all inactive player characters (and others, but who cares about them!).
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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

Post by Sir Nickolas on Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:30 am

Combat System

Notice: These rules are EXPERIMENTAL. They have not been tested for balance. Use at own risk.

Version 0.0.2

Version 0.0.2
-Removed Initiative. Combat occurs simultaneously.

Character: A single person. They can group together to form units.
Unit: A group of characters with identical equipment. Minimum size for a unit is 5 characters.

Battle System:
            This system focuses on one versus one (units or characters) combat, using equipment and troop types to determine modifiers to the roll.
            The main advantage of this system is that it does not require a GM to function and is a fairly simplistic ruleset. However, this system requires honor as players can cheat to beat the other player. No system is perfect, when using this one it assumes the players involved are honest individuals.
            1: Both players roll to obtain two 1-100 values.
            2: Average the rolls separately for each player.
            3: Apply modifiers.
            4: Use the difference between the players’ modified rolls to find the results of the battle.
Difference:       < 30                 31-60               > 61
Result:            Nothing           Wounded        Death
            5: If the result is Wounded or Death, the defender loses characters based on the number of the attacking unit on a 1 for 1 ratio.
            5a: Special Note: If the attack was from range and the defender gets a wounded or death result, add half of that value to the next defense roll against ranged units.
            6: Repeat as needed.
            Combat Round:
            1: Archers can attack.
            2: Crossbowmen can attack.
            3: Charging cavalry can attack.
            4: Depending on the distance between opponents, repeat 1,2, and 3 as needed.
            5: Melee troops can attack.
            6: Repeat the process.
            Troop Types:
            Player Characters: All player characters receive an innate +40 modifier in combat in addition to equipment.
            Militia: Militia have no bonuses or penalties.
            Regulars: Regulars have +20 to any combat roll due to their experience. In addition, they can equip better gear than Militia.
            Knights: Knights are a special unit type as they cannot be equipped like Militia or Regulars. Instead, they receive a flat +70 boost to the combat roll, attacking or defending.
General Modifiers:
Strength of Numbers: If one unit is larger than the other, the larger unit gets a +5 modifier per character in the unit over the amount of the smaller one.
Flank Attack: If two or more units engage the same target, receive a bonus on the combat roll. (+10 for Militia, + 30 for Regulars, + 60 for Knights)
Note on Flanking: When Flanking, only one unit actively participates in combat. Others supporting it add the bonus modifiers as described above.
Item Modifiers:
Light Leather                           -10 To Enemy Roll
Quality Leather Armor               -20 To Enemy Roll
Chainmail                                -45 To Enemy Roll
Simple Tabard                         -5 To Enemy Roll
Sturdier Tabards                     -10 To Enemy Roll
Swords                                  + 10 To Roll                (Mastery, Trained)
Spears                                  + 5 To Roll                  (First Strike, Anti-Calvary)
Hardened Spears                     + 10 To Roll                (First Strike, Anti-Calvary)
Polehammer                            +15 To Roll                 (Knockout)
Halberd                                  +15 To Roll                 (First Strike II, Anti-Calvary)
Short Bow                            +5 To Roll                   (Archery, Blindsight)
Nomad Bow                          +10 To Roll                 (Archery, Nearsight)
Long Bow                             +10 To Roll                 (Archery, Blindsight, Volley)
Arrows                                +7 To Roll
Barbed Arrows                      +5 To Roll                   (Barbed Arrows)
Bodkin Arrows                       +5 To Roll                   (Bodkin Arrows)
Light Crossbow                      +5 To Roll                   (Arbalist, Penetrate I, Point Blank)
Crossbow                             +10 To Roll                 (Arbalist, Penetrate II, Point Blank)
Heavy Crossbow                    +15 To Roll                 (Arbalist, Penetrate III, Point Blank)
Javelins                                 +5 To Roll                   (Thrown)
Throwing Spear                       +15 To Roll                 (Thrown)
Kite Shield                              - 15 To Enemy Roll     (Shield, Defender)
Board Shield                           - 10 To Enemy Roll     (Shield, Guardian)
Pavise Upgrade                       - 10 To Enemy Roll     (Pavise)
Saddle Horse                          - - -                        (Horse, Charge I)
Hunter                                   - - -                       (Horse, Charge II, Intercept)

Item Traits:
Anti-Calvary: +15 against mounted units. If the cavalry are charging, negate the enemy charge bonus and gain an additional + 20.
Arbalist: Attacks second in all combat scenarios before battle is met. The number of volleys is subject to player and GM negotiations, but remember that crossbows are slower than bows!
Archery: Attacks first in all combat scenarios before battle is met. The number of volleys is subject to player and GM negotiations.
Barbed Arrows: Gain a+10 modifier against lightly armored units. (Leather Armor)
Blindsight: If this weapon is wielded while in melee range, this unit suffers -20 to attacks and enemies targeting this unit get a +20 bonus to the combat roll.
Bodkin Arrows: Gain a + 10 modifier against heavy armored units (Chainmail and Knights)
Charge I: Must be declared before battle starts. The unit charges the enemy and receives a +20 to the combat roll.
Charge II: Must be declared before battle starts. The unit can target any enemy unit to charge and receives a +20 to the combat roll.
Defender: Can roll a dice and average that with the enemy result against melee attacks.
First Strike: +10 to roll for the first round of melee combat.
First Strike II: +20 to roll for first round of melee combat.
Guardian: Can protect one unmounted unit against ranged attacks. Also, enemy ranged attacks made against this unit suffer a -10 modifier.
Horse: This unit is mounted on a horse. The unit can move across the battlefield faster, but is subject to anti-cavalry weapons.
Intercept: This unit can prevent an enemy unit from charging by intercepting them. Both units engage in normal combat after an interception.
Knockout: If the two rolls are separately divisible by 10, instantly knock out the opponent.
Mastery: For each round of combat the unit is alive, gain +1 to the combat roll. This effect is permanent, and will affect other battles if the unit survives. Note that units with Mastery can only be combined with other units with the same Mastery level.
Nearsight: If this weapon is wielded while in melee range, this unit suffers -10 to attacks and enemies targeting this unit get a +10 bonus to the combat roll.
Pavise: A unit can hide behind the Pavise to receive the protection, but once they move away from cover the protection is lost.
Penetrate I: This attack ignores the penalty for firing against shields.
Penetrate II: This attack ignores the penalty for firing against shields and can attack units protected by the Guardian ability.
Penetrate III: This attack ignores half of enemy armor and can target units protected by the Guardian ability.
Point Blank: When used in melee range, this unit suffers -10 to attacks and units targeting this unit gain a +15 bonus to the combat roll
Shield: This item can only be used when equipped with swords, spears, or thrown items. Can reroll any one die when defending against ranged attacks. (yours or your opponents)
Trained: Regulars gain a +10 bonus when wielding this weapon.
Thrown: This weapon is used as a free attack during the first melee round, before engaging in melee. Afterwards, it cannot be used until the next battle.
Volley: This unit can opt to do two attacks instead of one using a -10 modifier.
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Re: IC Materials - Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

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