IC-Material: The Story So Far...

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IC-Material: The Story So Far...

Post by Sir Nickolas on Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:13 am

[To serve as a quick recap from the Aftermath forums.]

"... In light of the plague, the region stabilized even under the threat of Singalian slavers. Paladins flocked to the region to assist the sick and to support Archdeacon of Mobray, Ferrand Astigi. Sir Nickolas, now assuming control of Yaragar, sent letters to Sir Laurence of Belmonfaire and the Archdeacon to hold a meeting in Kelredan Castle. This meeting would cover the matters of Kelredan in the aftermath of the plague.

However, the threat of the Singalians were too strong to ignore. Belmonfaire would not attend the meeting after the matter has been resolved, and sent out scouts to find the Singalian force. The Archdeacon remained somewhat silent as he focused on gathering the devoted and finding the paladins rumored to be in the area. Sir Nickolas was left with no choice but to head out to Kelredan with a small regiment to combat the Singalians and to rendezvous with a fellow knight of Yaragar, Sir Derrick Weiherr.

As for the contenders of Kelredan, Belmonfaire remains the last true claimant to the castle, the other two baronets succumbing to the plague. Sir Nickolas of Yaragar was originally a free knight before taking over the duties of Thedric Baras, the baronet there. Nickolas has some support from a fellow Yaragar Knight, Derrick Weiherr, who has fortified himself in Kelredan to bolster support from the inhabitants.  Rebache fends for itself, and it desperately needs a new leader. Ferrand preaches to the people in hopes to gather more support for his cause. Lastly, there a rumors of Sir Forn Merclan, the adventurer, being present in the area, but is exact location still remains unknown.

And so, the struggle for Kelredan continues..."
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