IC-Scene: Kelredan (Continuous)

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IC-Scene: Kelredan (Continuous)

Post by Sir Nickolas on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:52 am

Day 9: Early Morning

Sir Nickolas awoke in Yaragar. Immediately after doing so, he suited himself up for battle and went out to rally the men that would be traveling with him. Many were already prepared, but the stragglers needed some convincing to begin to march.

After everything was in order, Nickolas began to move his forces to Kelredan...

Day 9: Afternoon

Without much fanfare, Nickolas arrived in Kelredan. While the main focus was Kelredan Castle, there were several small houses scattered around in a form of a small village. Nickolas ordered his men to relax for the time being as the free knight went to find Sir Derrick of Yaragar...

OCC: Nickolas is accompanied with 5 Knights and 15 Regulars. These originate from Yaragar's garrison.

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