IC-Scene: Inn at Mobray Castle (Continuous)

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IC-Scene: Inn at Mobray Castle (Continuous)

Post by Sir Nickolas on Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:44 am

The Inn at Mobray Castle has seen better days. After the initial meeting at Mobray Castle, the inn was packed with patrons, each speaking of the upcoming struggle for Kelredan Castle. Bets were placed on each baronetcy, alliances were formed between knights and mercenary companies, and devious plots occurred within the little inn. Now, the establishment was somewhat empty, the original owner passed away in the plague leaving his apprentice to take over the responsibility.

Maintaining an empty tavern, that was the legacy his mentor gave him. There were still the die-hard regulars that visited, but for being a hub for travelers and adventurers, Mobray Castle Inn was no more.

The apprentice went back to polishing a tankard. He lost count how many times he did so, but it gave him something to do during these turbulent times. His eyes were ever locked on the door, waiting for someone that will never arrive...

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