Chronicles of Kelredan (Epilogue)

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Chronicles of Kelredan (Epilogue)

Post by Sir Nickolas on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:20 am

The Struggle for Kelredan event is officially over and concluded. If you participated in the event, feel free to write a small epilogue for your character or suggest revisions to this conclusion.

* * *

“…and so the Struggle for Kelredan came to an end. It was a short struggle, not lasting more than two weeks, but the toll it inflicted on the region was immense.

The struggle started when the baronet of Kelredan Castle died without a heir. Three baronets, Sir Laurence Stackford of Belmonfaire, Sir Thedric Baras of Yaragar, and Sir William Grey of Rebache contested for the position, each having different motivations to do so.

Mobray Castle was the birth and end of the conflict. Once, the three baronets stated their claims and rallied their armies and resources to claim the title. The struggle ended when Sir Nickolas Ballard arrived at the castle, bloodied beyond recognition, stating that there were no more claims to Kelredan.

Belmonfaire sent forces to combat the Singalians. Sir Nickolas, a free knight of Yaragar, went to assist, but the Singalian numbers were much more than originally anticipated. By the time the knight arrived, Belmonfaire’s army were scattered with Sir Laurence nowhere to be found.

Nickolas ordered a fighting retreat to the estate of Kelredan. The Singalians attempted to raid the Kelredan estate, but Sir Derrick and Sir Nickolas managed to hold the slavers off long enough for the peasants to take refuge in Kelredan Castle. As this occurred, stormclouds gathered overhead, eager to witness the call to battle.

The Singalians, prideful as they were, did not retreat and attempted to besiege the castle. The walls fell to the enemy, and Nickolas ordered a retreat to the keep. When counting the survivors, he found that Sir Derrick was missing, his fate unknown. The weather outside roared, as of heralding of inevitable doom.

As the keep’s door gave way, Nickolas and the few men of Yaragar fought with such ferocity that it gave the Singalians pause. It was enough for the Singalian Temptress, the commander of the host, to appear before the valiant defenders. She gave them pardon for their warrior spirit and honor, and departed peacefully. Whether she left because their efforts or simply because it was not worth losing so many to enslave the few remained a mystery. A rain shower began to battered Kelredan Castle, as if trying to purge to blood that was shed.

Almost as soon as the Singalians departed, Ferrand Astigi, the Archdeacon of Mobray, appeared on the horizon and rode to Kelredan Castle flanked by paladins of Eunomia Stabilitis. He thanked Nickolas for safeguarding the castle for him, and demanded that he swear fealty to the new ruler of Kelredan, Lord Astigi. The thunder let forth its fanfare, and Ferrand took this has a good omen that he was blessed by Eunomia Stabilitis herself.

The Free Knight, bowing down to no one, challenged the Archdeacon, and a battle took place inside the castle courtyard. The Regulars and Knights of Yaragar were so few, it was evident that the insane Archdeacon would prevail. As the Yaragar soldiers were defeated one by one, Ferrand grew overconfident and started ‘cleansing’ the refugees of Kelredan, particularly the young women.

Nickolas cracked. All of the events transpiring around him were reminiscent of those that took place years ago, back when his wife and daughter were taken from him.

In one final act of defiance, Nickolas Ballard ‘Pureheart’ went berserk. The world went red, and countless paladins fell before the maddened knight. The Archdeacon was forced to shamefully retreat, his ambition to rule Kelredan foiled.

However, in the outburst, Nickolas could not discern who was friend from foe. While no Yaragar soldier fell by his hand, one particular person did.

Robert Garrison, his squire, went to the Free Knight to calm him down. Instead, however, Robert found himself impaled on Nickolas’ Greatsword. It was only then when the knight realized what he has done.

The squire simply smiled, bleeding as he was, and hugged the only man who taught him so much about the world. He whispered that Nickolas was the essentially like a father to him, something that he lost during the days of old. With his last breath, Robert thanked the knight for everything, before passing into the world beyond.

At that moment, like almost every tragedy ever written, the clouds parted and a ray of light fell upon the young man. Some accounts say they saw his spirit leave his body, following the path of light. Nickolas himself, however, could no longer act rational. He had lost his wife and daughter decades ago, and now he lost the boy he was sworn to protect.

The knight removed the sword, and silently walked away. The men of Yaragar took the squire’s body and made preparations for it to be cremated. Sir Nickolas would not be present, he was long gone from Mobray Country…

Kelredan Castle was left empty, all claimants were either missing or comatose from the illness. Mobray County was essentially left in ruins, the Baron of Mobray being forced with reconstruction without any baronets to help him.

In the end, everyone involved in the struggle lost. Let this be known to the people of Pendor, and hope that history does not repeat itself…”

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